Cabana El Rey

LEGENDARY SERVICE – The Cabana Experience
Our success or failure at Cabana Restaurants is a matter of keeping a promise. We make a promise to every potential Guest: “Be our Guest. Dine with us at Cabana for a truly Legendary experience.”
Each interaction we have with our Guests is an opportunity to create a story. The Guests first sight of the restaurant to the final goodbye and invitation to return will determine whether we live up to that promise.
Some restaurant companies claim to be the biggest or the best in the marketplace. Cabana does not need to make such claims – because Cabana created a market. Our competitors also claim to pay careful attention to food quality, restaurant cleanliness, and courteous service. In many cases, these claims are nothing more than lip service – there is often a wide void between what they promise …. and what they serve. At Cabana, QUALITY, SERVICE, and CLEANLINESS: Q.S.C. are the cornerstones of our business.
We use only the highest quality raw products to make the items on our menu: the highest grades of meat and cheese; premium liquors as call brands in the bar. Our employees pay strict attention to recipes, portions and overall food production, and plate presentation. Cabana’s brand of Service is second to none.


105 E Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, FL



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