JuiceBuzz is Delray Beach’s first dedicated juice & smoothie bar. We believe food is medicine and mother earth provides us with everything we need to heal ourselves; from preventative care to cure.
We offer organic and cold press to get the best results! Why? Because a cold pressed juice provides a powerful nutrient blast to the bloodstream in one bottle. Picking up a cold pressed juice is a quick and easy way to add more fruits and vegetables into your life while benefiting with glowing skin, a clearer mind and more energy!
We use the Norwalk Juice press which has two separate juice extraction machines built into it: the triturator and the 3 ton hydraulic press.
The vegetables and fruits are first pulverized into a pulp using a slow spinning blade, the pulp is then wrapped in a cloth and pressed, extracting live juice and preserving maximum amounts of vitamins, enzymes and minerals.
Cold pressed doesn’t use heat and as a result of zero-heat extraction, ‘cold pressed’ juice retains the maximum amount of nutrients and preserves valuable enzymes and vitamins for up to three days. Hands down, the flavor and quality of the juice cannot be compared by any other juice extraction.
The fact is it just tastes cleaner and crisper. You can actually feel the difference!
We stand for a happy and healthy world starting with the Delray Beach community. We look forward to serving you with pure love.


6 NE 5th Avenue, Delray Beach, FL



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